Sunday, January 06, 2008

running my mind off

I was listening to the Quran the other day and it made me think, I tune out usually when I listen to the Quran on mp3, so usually I remember the tone and pick up a few key words, but generally the message is lost on me, it's alot more effective when I read the Quran or when I listen to the slower recitations. I and just realised why, which is to say I've got theory about why I can't take it Quran at normal listening speed.

It's because I can't REALLY listen to the Quran when it's being recited by the speed of say, Afasy, because for us arab speakers, the quran, with its divinity and purpose and non existant expiry date, is very complex, so complex infact that it's not like a normal book or an interview with someone famous, it's the book of life, written by Allah swt so beautifully for us to ponder.

If you've tuned out like I do sometimes, you need only to remember the word ponder. I listen to Surat Yousef on an mp3 and it lasts what, 20 minutes ? but how long would it take to study the tafseer of surat yousef ? the begining Alef Laam Meem can take a while to read and understand.

So when I'm listening to is, one ayah takes my mind away, I think about it, I try to make i3rab to it, I think about the words and thier meanings and the purpose of using them here and not other words, about the muslims when they first heard it etc... by the time I'm back to listening, the reciter is 5 to 15 ayahs away. and that's when I'm actually listening to the recitation.

I'm not making a fat man here (I mean fatwa), but I really think that you cannot really listen to an mp3 quran unless it was slowely recited. Or if you've already memorized and studied that surah or ayah.


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