Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dubai's closed down for the day

It feels like Bush is following me where ever I go.

I came to Sydney from Melbourne, and he comes down to Sydney for the APEC forum, closing down THE WHOLE CITY, these were interesting times, 400 uni and high school students rallying against Bush are surrounded by some 500 police in full riot gear. Fun times, fun times...

Now I'm in the UAE, Bush comes again to tell the arabs what's good for'em. Closing down Dubai for the day as well, causing great inconvenience to people who work and have shit to do in the city, including me. So where does that leave me ? in bed updating my blog. Watching the movie "days of glory" which by the way is an amazing movie.

The difference between the effects of the visit on Sydney and Dubai is quite clear and unfortunate.

In Sydney, there was inevatibly going to be alot of security procedures to protect the most hated man on the planet (Bush), but the government actually made sure that closing down the city and spending $250Million on security had a minimum on the populace. They declared a public holiday a week in advanced and apologised and got a bloody battering by the media.

In Dubai. The roads were closed. a day before Bush's visit, it was declared in a round about way that the next day that main streets in the CBD would be closed off and that goverment offices were closed. this two day confusion caused hours more wasted time in bumper to bumper traffic throughout the day. which could have been avoided had city commuters known about the road closures and security procedures before hand.

They're still learning though, still getting used to the ropes. so I'm not so critical.

Next year I wanna visit my famiy in Sydney again, I hope I won't find myself sitting next to Bush in the plane, he seems to have it for me. (haha ! joke!)

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