Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stories from my grand dad 3

In the iran war, my relationship was with the ministry of defense, because the dams were strategicly important, if an Iranian fighter jet shoots the dam, the whole town would go under water,.

I went to Mosul, we had two damns, one in the north of mosul, and one in suliemania, these didn't have enough military defense, so I went to kirkuk to the staff general Marshal to tell him about the lack of defense.

When I arrived they were having lunch, a whole heap of about 30 generals sitting at a huge table. The general marshal sitting at the head of the table. A muslawi.

I saluted, he called for me, ifathaal hooni (in maslawi dialect "have a seat"), I said I'm not military sir, he said you're better than military, come sit next to me,

I shook his hand, May Allah help you and bless you,

I told him the story. He told His assistant general to meet with him after lunch for amore official meeting because this was important.

Later on because I was speaking maslawi, he asked me where are you from ? I said I'm originally from Baghdad city, but Ive lived in mosul for 12 years and I'm taba3ia mosul.

He stood up and yelled "ishnoo ishqilit ? taba3yia irania ?" (what did you say ? you're iranian by ethnicity?) I said "Ya saidi I said taba3ia mosul, like you !" He sat down and was laughing. I didn't understand.

The other generals were asking me, what did you tell him ? I said taba3ia mosul, they said that;s what we heard.

I told him the whole story of my taba3ia again.

Who did you marry in Mosul ? He said who did you marry in Mosul maybe I know the family.

I told him "abdulhakeem amin" He was like "oh that guy was my commander when I was lieutenant.

the funny bit here is that this leutenant thought my grand dad was taba3ia iran, which would have been dangerous since the war at the time was with iran.

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