Sunday, June 12, 2005

entry number 00004

Alsalamu Alaikum.

I don't know what to write about. Either tehr is nothing happening, or there is too much happening to write about, or I'm tired and I need ome tea to work, maybe the coffee shop is open ?

no it's 11 pm,

well maybe I'll go check, I'll be back in less than 5 (maybe)

well the shop was closed (duh!), but I did manage to get some capacino. which is not tea, but it'll have to do for now.

Well. I have 4 exams in a few days. so I'm not the happiest chap in the world.

but let's get serious for a second here, let's put things into prospective... I'm not hungry, my sisters and -proverbial- wife are not dead or raped or kidnapped. There are no bullets flying past my head, and I'm not being oppressed on the basis of my color, race, relegion or the way I dress.

I am happy, alhumdulillah.

That's the best I can come up with now,.

take care

PEACE ! ! !


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Aslalamu alaikum.

Let's talk about Uzbekistan.

In 2001 Bush called the uzbek government "friends of freedom", for being able to use an airbase there for thier attacks on afghanistan, and gave karimov the best complements he could muster.

friends of freedome, who even back in 2001. had one of the highest rates of media suppression, with tens of thousands of of reporters in jails. and with many muslims arrested, beaten, tortured and killed. illegaly, with no charge,. in 2001.

friend of freedom

then they do thing last month when they kill up to a thousand civilians calling for ... what ? jobs, juutice, the things that you would youself ask for if you were in their shoes, basic human needs.

1000 people, civilans.

the world is condemning and condeming. coz it's bad you know ! kiling people for no reason, they were unarmed you see.

so what does bush say to the 1000 civilian deaths ? state sponosred terrorism ? in the words of the bbc, muted response.

MUTED ! ! !

that from the crusaders of freedom,

think about that.

PEACE ! ! !


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

entry number 00002

Aslalamu alaikum.

I was really excited about getting my very own blog, so I set it up and posted in a long message and was happy with that, and then I left it for a month.

now, seeing that I'd left it this long, I want to write again, about anything, just like I appreciate food and dont' throw it away because MILLIONS of people around the world are dying of hunger. I should appreciate absolute, almost unrestrained and unlmited freedome of speech, because millions of people around the world can't make the simplest complaint like or criticism, I mean, in iraq in the old times (when I was there), people coudn't say "I hate that things are expensive" coz that would insinuate his readiness for rebelion, OFF WITH HIS HEAD ! the elite would say.

in Egypt, a political party can't write its slogan or show it "Islam is the solution" , they also can't write "it is the solution" because of the implication, they can't write "it" because "it" is Islam.

so I'm gonna write, every day if I can, even If I have nothing to say, I will say FREE PALESTINE ! FREE IRAQ ! KASHMIR FOR THE KASHMIRIS ! CHECHNYA IS DYING AND RUSSIA IS THE CRIMINAL ! AMERICAN POLICIES SUPPORT ZIONISM etc... I mean, I can can't I ! it's a free world, isn't it ? I'll get back to you.

so now, before sitting for revision of my exams which are inevitably coming like the end of the time, like the hour, like gravity, like the inevitability of life. With awesome techno pumping my head blocking out all distractions (thanks Abu). I will start revision, or rather continue.

That is all.

PEACE ! ! !