Sunday, January 20, 2008

The subjectivity of art.

So I was talking to Tarek (aka The Gist) about movies and life, and he mentioned a movie he was planning to watch called Peppermint Candy, "Appearantly it's good, it's like the movie momento, it tells the story backwards". I looked it up on imdb and the feedback was good, so I aquired it to gain some cultural depth etc...

Well I'm watching it now, and maybe my cultural depth meter is broken, maybe I just don't see things like other people do, but I don't like this movie.
I can't judge it fully though since I'm only 40 minutes into this 2 hour movie, and it does give me a glimpse into korean society so that's cool.

Otherwise it's a depressing slow movie, there is no soundtrack, there is a depressed as guy who dances randomly, cried randomy. Also I've observed the most facinating way to deal with a man who sleeps with your wife, korean style. . .

People say art is subjective, I don't want to sound like a knowitall, however I can since I'm not a world class blogger, I can afford to say anything I want on my blog.

I think art is not as subjective as people hype it out to be, and this movie is a perfect example, it might be interesting, but it's not really that good that I have to sit through 2 hours of it.

The other day I went to a photographic exhibition for a bunch of professional photographers, I looked around and I have to say some shots were quite nice, and some were even jaw dropping. But some shots were so ordinary that I'm left wondering, why the frick is that guy exhibiting his work ? he should be knee deep in workshops etc... trying to fix his crappy photography !

A lot of mass consumption art 'concepts' are attractive for one reason only, not because they're especially good in any way, but because they're hyped in a way so that any person who isn't in that concept would feel shallow and redneck-esque (I just made up a term). Or at least that's my opinion.

Anyways, back to watching this crappy movie.

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