Monday, March 24, 2008

American Muslims and the love for justice

You can choose to judge this video by the racist people or by those who spoke out. Amazing that some of them went so far out of thier way to register thier outrage at injustice.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm watching a new arab musical initiative called the "Arab conciousness operette".

Basically it's a longer version of the old arabic operette called the arab dream. so far I've counted about 15 singers from different countries; egyptians, algerians, lebanese, syrians, iraqis (think) etc... the chorus is "the people's hearts have died, our empathy has died, blah blah blah"

So yes, there seems to be alot of people out there who think that it's the arab dream that can make us arabs great again. After decades of loss, failuire and "natioalistic" dictatorships. People still think that nationalism is the way to go.

Well done you dumb arabs. Having CHOSEN your ethnicity, the fact that you look a certain way or speak a certain dialect means you subscribe to a stupid ideology of honor killings and backstabbing and double standards. Why would you choose to ascend to a higher choice like Islam ? I mean, I'm sure you think it's alot better to rally to the arab call and not to the call of Allah.

Makes perfect sense, well done arabs. you make me real proud.