Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The return of Rima

Ther is an old iraqi proverb that goes, رجعت ريمة الى عادتها القديملة, which means, Rima is back to her old tricks. its uses are obvious, though I'm unclear of the origin of this proverb.

Anyways, my old habit is late sleep and late wake up times. Something I've always had and I've always hated. Right now it's 11:20pm. I'm listening to stearing ABC newsradio, I love those guys, and the Australian accent is soothing to my ear. It rained today in the early morning and just a few minutes ago. This is worth mention because Ajman and the general emirates weather is desert weather, rain occurs 4 or 5 times a year, and when it happens, it's barakah. or blessing.

I've not been updating my blog, too many things were happening and I needed to have a roughly clear mind for writing. At somepoint though I decided I can't wait for that for ever, so I'm writing again. You never know, I may be be able to continue my short story filim.

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