Monday, January 14, 2008

I googled my name today

Man, I'm blown away by the websites and publications in which I found my name. Some were stupid sites like bebo and freindster etc... but one mad find was my name, info about me, and MY WORK in a british islamic photography magazine. I tell you, reading about myself in the third person was crazy, my voice became very hight pitched and my corneas widended just a little bit.

Other stuff was just my "media presence" as -ex- media liaizon for FAMSY ( which is cool too I guess.

This is funny in a way, I don't know why I haven't googled myself untill today, or maybe I did and this stuff hadn't surfaced yet. but now people can research me and I'd be like, this guy you can google and find stuff about. NICE (in a borat voice)

I think I'm updating this blog too often.

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