Sunday, May 01, 2011

The irrelevant death of Emmanuel Goldstein

A couple of days ago a friend of mine (A muslim) was asked what he thought of Osama bin Laden, he answered that Osama bin Laden was never a danger in himself. What was more important was the constructed idea of a personified evil. A tokenistic sort of evil that can always be referred to when the masses are angry about bad governance or corrupt policy. A man could feel good about passionately hating this antichrist in hate orgies or by himself. Someone who conventiently popped his head out every couple of months (or years) to denounce the West (Capital W). Particulalry when public sentiment is negative towards government. Then suddenly the puplic is again in LOVE with all aspects of Western govenrment, and democracy, and freedom, and other such rhetoric. Because you might not have a job, and coporations might be working you like a slave, and politicians might be spin doctors who spend all their efforts and money to last as long as possible in their seats of power, but at least you're safe from the boogy man, Osama Bin Laden.

I'm not going to delve into the whole 9/11 event and whether or not it was an inside job or not, I'll leave that to you. Suffice to say that it was a terrorist attack and that alot of innocent civilans died.

Because of his boogie man, the US has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. It has killed wholesale hundreds of thousands of innocent civilans in those and other countries (1,455,590 in Iraq alone). The initial justification for the Iraq invasion was a phantom connection the AlQaeda.

Now that OBL is dead. What is going to change ? Obama's speech celebrates his death and hails a new era of safety and a win for Good. It's not. Anti Americanism is still very much alive and being fed every day by terrorists from both camps.

In the process of getting this mad rabid form of justice, hundreds of thousands had to die, whole countries fell apart, the geopolitical global atmosphere became so tense that it's led to world wide revolutions and uprisings like corn kernels on a hot stove.

The anger and hate of all those wronged as collatoral damage has not withered, and the US's kangaroo courts in Gitmo and their laughable attempts to give lollies to Muslim around the world has not and will not deter from the fact that alot of injustice is being perpetrated by the US directly and indirectly to 3rd world peoples all over the world including Muslims.

And Obama of course is happy to find such a lovely wrapped gift waiting for him. The world's modern Emmanuel Goldstein, dead, confirmed and waiting for Mr Obama to stand over it victorious and score his next term as president.

Oh, also, how can they kill him... if.... He WAS ALREADY DEAD ! ! !

But that's a topic for anther day.

This is not a day for celebrating his death nor mourning it. We should however remember all those innocent people who died as a result of this useless war on terror. including of course those who died on 911.


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