Monday, April 04, 2011

House Resolution 3969

This is a bit of a follow up on the previous post regarding the visit of Farah Pandith to sydney.

Since I'm an avid train traveller these days I'm finding more time to read. The book I've started reading today is"weapons of mass deception" by Rampton and Stauber. An immediately fascinating book that a of this moment (having reached page 11) I'm hooked.

TtttI'll quote from this book one passage that sheds some light os Pandith's visit and its american-media-spin-esque feel.

"[congressmen] Lantos and Hyde sponsored House Resolution bill 3969 , also known as the Freedom Promotion Act of 2002, which instructed the US secretary of state [who today is ms Pandith's boss Hillary Clinton] to "make public diplomacy an integral component in the planning and execution of united states foreign policy" and to establish "fully capable multimedia programming and distribution capacity including satellite, internet and other services, and also including the capability to acquire and produce audio and video feeds and internet streaming to foreign news organisations"."

This is where ms Pandith is coming from, an arm of the pr campaign initiative to ' make the muslims like us' .

It still rings in my head when she was asked about the invasion of iraq and afghanistan, she had acknowledged a " military exercise"

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EDIT: in regards to charlotte beers, the then under secretary of state for public diplomacy spoke at and was received by similar audience with eerily similar feedback to the one I and other members of sunday's audience gave "in january 2002, Beers spent 3 days in cairo, egypt talking about mending fences as part of her dialogue with islam campaign. She seemed to bed having a little trouble however, with the listening part of the dialogue equation. Egyptians who spike with her came away shaking their heads, the new york times reported, saying American officials do not appreciate that muslims feel picked on by the united stars, or how deep feelimngs run for the palestinian cause- or just how heavily history weighs here"

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