Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kicked out of villawood

 This is what I tweeted today at about 3pm

I rock up there, I'd let my assylum seeker activist compatriots know that I'm coming, over facebook it looks like I'm going to be the last person in but in reality somehow I was the first to arrive.

I filled out the paperwork and went up the the front desk and gave it in to the friendly staff, then proceeded to get my diver's license out of my wallet...

only it wasn't there.

For a second a pause in surprise and try to remember where I could have left it. The lady officer processing my paperwork tells me "don't tell me you forgot your license!"

Oh $hit, I think I have. Though I can't remember where I could have left it, I always have it in the same place in my wallet behind the picture of my wife at Max Brenner at Melbourne Central, but this time the bloody card wasn't there !

I go back outside and look inside the car thinking I may have left it somehow, Abdullah (Abs) rocks up and I still hadn't found it. So we decided that he'd go inside for 20 minutes and then we'd go and have dinner somewhere.

I tried to talk to the asylum seeker guys through the fence but all of a sudden had two officers telling to "get away from the fence it's trip wired"

Alena rocks up and sees me in my sad state watching youtube videos and tweeting while sitting at my car feeling sheepish. She stays for a bit and then, having brought her license with her, goes in.

Moral of the story ? remember to bring your license when you're visiting asylum seekers in Villawood.

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