Monday, March 21, 2011

A new case of chase the Muslim

A recent ninemsn sixty minutes segment attempted to shed light again on the issue of multiculturalism and the issue of muslim integration into Australian society.

The program starts with the head of the English Defense League talking about Muslim invasion of the UK and the creeping sharia threat. Then it speaks to one Muslim "radical" who basically undermines and attacks anything western. Pan over to Australia where there is an aussie Muslim convert who speaks the same way, hate democracy, sharia sharia sharia. scarey scarey scarey scarey.

Then an interview with a young muslim girl in a semi hijab, shown in different places acting aussie, talking aussie and being commended for saying no worries. "No worries. That's about as Australian as you get.

This episode is as so frustrating to me that I'm still trying to collect my mind to write about it and it still jumbles up in anger, so I'll try to list down the points I personally saw as wrongly portrayed.

1- The English Defense League is not a bastion of civilization. It's a bunch of racist xenophobes allowed to assault a segment of british society just because that segment happens to be muslim. It doesn't matter that MOST. THE MAJORITY of british muslims are law abiding citizens who contribute to society.
Sixty minutes talks to this racist bigot in a way that makes him sound genuine and righteous. And in contrast speaks to one person who represents Islam and British Muslims who is the media's favorite Anjam Chaudri, who as expected delivers hate and anti west rhetoric and is shown with followers with the unstated premise that he has a large following.
What about the 1.5 million or whatever number of other Muslims in Britain ? What about the fact that this man Anjam is recognized in the media circle he whores himself out to and no one else ? it doesn't matter.

2- The man IBRAHIM SIDDIQ was then interviewed and is shown making similarly carpet statement sound bytes about hating democracy. Did he really mean what he said ? what context was this stated in ? Also, who is Ibrahim Siddiq ? how is it that no other muslim knowns him ? Why is it that the scores of muslim speakers and activists and origination heads out there are not spoken to ?

3- This idea that democracy and sharia are complete contrasts and opposites of each other in a world of absolute black and whites. This type of attitude first of all presents a skewed view of the world we live in, and it is actually convincing many people that this IS the reality of the world when it's not.

The term sharia is made to have a halo of evil and skulls and bones around it so that no one is even allowed to examine it. It doesn't matter that in the last hundred years. Many of the highest scholars of Islam said upon visiting Europe and the west that came from a place that had muslims and no islam (read-sharia) and went to a place that had no muslims but had islam (again-sharia). That is because sharia is essentially an end, not a means. It's a way of establishing justice on the earth in all its forms. based on the rules of God. The fact that muslim countries now are in such chaos and oppression is because of the mulk al3athood or the dictatorships established since the beginning of the last century get cheap oil and make it easier to culturally invade the world.
And in that sense, the framework of democracy and the essentials of sharia can very easily work hand in hand. It's not about cutting hands or stoning women. But this is the view that the media and political elite of the western world is hellbent on illustrating.

Finally, I really don't mind that Samah Hadid lady, she looks like a nice girl and what she said I mostly didn't have a problem with, but the way they presented her made it look like the only way to be a "safe muslim" that won't blow up anytime soon was to continuously assert this Utopian australian identity by peppering one's lexicon with aussie lingo like "no worries, fair dinkum" like seals waiting for a clap from their master.
And that's what Michael Usher did "That's about as Australian as you get" , really mr Usher ? why didn't you throw her a treat ?

It looks from this sixty minutes segment that when those guys go out looking for a story. They already HAVE the final conclusion. The rest is just finding the right people to make the right statements. This is professionally and ethically and morally deeply flawed and it's sad that no one says anything about it.

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Amasy said...

beautifully expressed. I wish I was as eloquent as you are! you should be proud and well done xx