Friday, March 18, 2011


It's been a while since I've written anything, so this'll probably be a bit rusty.

The happenings in Tunisia and Egypt were incredible to the degree that 2 months later I'm still excited and shocked that such a change can occur in such a short time span. Some doubters are saying this change is only cosmetic and that the same US approved tool of oppression paradigm will rise up again. I don't think so.

One, because things have change irrevocably now. The open access to information and the power of any individual to reach millions. This is a historic development that can't be taken away or changed (not that I can see anyway).

Two, the changes that came about were carried through by the mass of the country's angry, politically aware youth. Those guys aren't going anywhere ! They won't let the sacrifice of the revolution go wasted. Incidentally as I'm writing this I'm sort of coming to realize the error of this second point. Mass uprisings led by youth HAVE been highjacked before. So I guess this point on its own is not valid. ON ITS OWN it's not valid. but in this case it is.

Third, I think this is pivotal. There is a socially aware, politically able islamic bloc that was able to affect positive change and social reform BEFORE it had any power. Now with the democratic elections. Even if it doesn't get elected to lead. It will still be that litmus test that can hopefully reveal any play at potential totalitarianism or corruption. Do I have too much faith in them ? I do. But so far they have proved themselves in Egypt and in Palestine.

Well in Palestine now there are reports of the Gaza lef Hamas party of subverting freedom of expression through brutal repression of the facebook unity rallies. Which if you're an anti Hamasite you would understand.

Also of interest in Yemen, the Islamic party took power through elections but then FAILED and lost the elections during the next term. I think that's brilliant. Calling yourself islamist doesn't mean you're divinely chosen to lead your people through the desert. There is alot of work, sacrifice, planning. in arabic حنكة which those guys didn't. Which, rather than fusing Muslims and Islam togther. It makes a very clear (democratically defined) statement. If you can bring the social justice and the change needed. you're it. Otherwise get the f$@# out of my face.

Now in Libya, Gaddafi's Zenga Zenga speech is now starting to make more sense. He wasn't messing around when he promised fire and brimstone. Oh his contractor army is bringing the pain to the unarmed civilians and rebel fighters alike in the cities and townships that have rebelled against him. And the arab league's inflatable hunger lick the white man's boot - coupled with pressure from the uprisings in the arab world has served well here by having them call for a no fly zone because a NATO or UN sanctioned no fly zone would have just looked like a subversive effort at undermining the revolution or at least the arab people's attempts at yanking the collar of oppression from their necks.

I know I'm throwing metaphors and symbolism all over the place, but like I said I haven't written in a while.

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