Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ze update vun !

it's 230 am, a woke up to a mosquito flying close to my head, a bit slowly having drank a litre of my blood, so I pifpaffed my room and now I'm waiting for that damn insect to die. I'm also watching an interview with Moqtada alSadr.

So what else has been happening ? I haven't updated in a long time, especially not about the most important thing, or the most significant change in my life, that is living in the east, the middle east, the UAE; probably the best available model of a modern arab country today, an equally positive and negative point, but I'll get to that later.

A very dear friend of mine took the time and effort to call all the way from Austrlia to see how I was doing, and explaining to him how I WAS doing and WHAT I was doing, I was surprised and amazed at the nature of work and life here, the change had been gradual for me so it had not hit me ( so to speak ) untill I actually spoke about it. so I thought I'd start blogging my experiences and observations while in this facinating country (I'm in love with the word 'facinating' it makes me feel so sophisticated and open minded, but I digress).

For now though, I'm just going to watch a bit more of this facinating character, Moqtada alSadr, his accent is so strong !

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