Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bearing fruit.

I was in the center today. . .

I should first of all clarify that "The Center" is the service center where I'm currently supervising, and not a secret terroristical lab.

. . . and one of the staff called out to me "Ustath !" . . .

Ustath for you non arab muslims does not mean just islamic teacher, it just means teacher, or in this case it's like saying sir, or Mr Alkhateeb.

. . . so I say 'what's up Nima ? (not her real name), and she tells me what had happened earlier in the day when I went out of the center for a meeting. A customer had come in and for some reason (I'm betting the hot weather and the retarded arab procederal system) he descided to take out his frustration on her. He picked on little things, he questioned endlessly and complained needlessly. She told me this story because she had not fought back with this guy -though she was known to fight with customers- and she did exactly what I would have wanted her to do, which was to help him and direct him to the reception which she couldn't do any more for him.

This incident would have taken a very different course prior to Last week when I had to put up with some shit from a customer just to make a point to the staff about customer service.
So when Nima told me this story I was very happy that these girls . . .

The staff is made up of 18 girls and 3 guys were actually learning

. . . are actually learning from my example, prior to today I thought that when I spoke to them to explained differnet concepts etc... that they weren't really listening. Today though was a good day, a customer received a semblance of proper customer service when he was being an asshole.

yay !

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