Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stories from my grand dad 2

I had a government vehicle, if the kurds at the time see a government vehicle they tend to steal it, So I used to muddy the liscnece plates of the car and used to wear a kurdish turban to look Kurdish, I also speak Kurdish coz I stayed there for along time for the dam building .

One time I was returning from suliemania to kirkuk to go back to Baghdad. Usually in the head of the city there would be a police station to monitor the entry and exit in and out of the city.

That day is was raining heavily, when I reached the police station, I tooted my car, no body answered, I dind't want to go out in the rain, so I drove on.

10 minutes later, a police car came chasing me, the guy in the car was yelling "RAUSTA RAUSTA" stop in Kurdish.

He asked why didn't you stop ? no one was there ! no you have to go back

So I went back, a seargant came out, took me inside, I gave him my Identification, he took it and put it away, SIT DOWN ! you're arrested.

I said thank you for arresting, but I need the phone, because I'll be late to an appointment with the general commander of the military. Can I call ?

Ok sure

So I called , the assistant of the commander answered, "come in where are you ? we're waiting for you " I said I wasn't close yet, because the searagnt took my identification and arrested me

He said "YAAKUL KHARA" give him the phone. (means HE CAN EAT SHIT!)

The seargant took the phone, suddenly he stood up to attention to the phone "YES SIR, OK SIR, YES SIR"

The assistant spoke to me again, come down now, bring the seargant with you.

The sargant gave me the card, and was so scared now he waslike a mouse, there were soldiers in the entrance of kirkuk barracks, they stopped us and cuffed the seargant and took him inside, by that time he was almost ready to pee his pants.

I came inside I saw the commander, "who is this idiot who did this to you?"

I said "Sir I beg of you, I don’t' want this guy to die from a heart attack, let him off"

So he called up his people "feed him and let him go"

The seargant got the fright of his life just now, so from then on he never got in my way again, other times I'd come down to them I'd give them the card, they'd so get outta here we know who you are, what would you like ? tea ? lunch ?

This happened to me a lot, but I never worried about it because I had in my pocket a letter from the minister of defense, and I wasn't doin anything wrong.

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