Sunday, April 09, 2006

Regarding the Kid

Alsalamu alaikum

Some of those who read my story "the Kid", or "kid", I don't remember.

Anyways, some of those who read that story, didn't like it, they thought it wasn't realistic enough, and that it didn't have an underlying theme, and for that I apologise, I dind't want anything serious with this story, just something light hearted and humourous, whic just happened to take place in iraq.

I am however attempting to finish "the gift" story soon, and I promise you'll like the ending, and here is a hint about the ending.

NO HINT ! ! ! HAHAHAHAHAH ! ! ! you just gonna have to wait like everyone else.



rghtylui said...

pshhht Ahh fla floo flee!!

ALooKa said...

Dont worry nasoori...we still love you, even tho ur story was ...ummmm... u know!