Sunday, April 09, 2006

The gift IV

I'm driving at night, very late night or very early morning, the streets are empty and quiet, except for me, making my next move, stalking my next kill, I park my car and fall asleep -I havn't slept for 18 hours-, and find no trouble falling asleep, even an hour can recharge my rampage, the only thing keeping me moving now is hate for my enemies, and rage.

I don't sleep long though, my slumber is interrupted by the long wail of the dreamers, those fools who think that the God above looks at them, or that he controls anything, I see them walking towards thier wailing source like sheep, thier white tunics and sleepy eyes giving them a more sheepish look.

All hope of sleep gone, I start my car and roar off to my next kill.

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