Thursday, April 21, 2011

People I know are burning the roof

This is an update of my limited exposure to the assylum seekers I first met in christmas island back in april of 2010.

Two of those guys are in villawood now, one of them is an amazing person. He is iranian and doesn't speak much english but he was more than able to express himself through dance. When we would have our ' party night' (part of ALIV's schedule of activities) he would dance like crazy to any type of music. He was a pretty sweet guy to chill out with. Quiet, usually smiles and wanted to work in underwater metal welding.
He was screaming from the top of a burning roof two days ago. Reduced to an angry desperate token refugee to be condemned by some stupid white men

The second person I met for the first time this past monday. Another man I usually visit gave me a name 'melad' and mentioned that he 'melad' doesn't know anyone and doesn't have any visitors therefore.
We spent a quiet monday afternoon, the weather was warm and pleasant. His friend asked me what it was like on the outside. He was just quietly contemplating the year he'd spent locked up like an animal for being born in the wrong country with the wrong skin colour.
Now he spends his days on a roof being labelled a crazy violent rioter.

I pray for them. I hope they can leave this house of madness. I hope chris bowen or tony abbot would spend a week in those conditions to see what horrors they're subjecting others to.

End of rant
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