Thursday, July 24, 2008

The importance of being earnestly racist

Even since I started going hot and heavy with Islamic work, I've tried very hard to reduce or remove racism from my attitude and thinking, it helped that I was not really all that racist to begin with. Still I found it difficult to completely avoid it because the people ad culture I mix with were outwardly and inwardly racist.

Inward racism is (according to Nasser's Convenient Dictionary TM)feelings that you have for people of a certain ethnicity, but which you do not allow to influence your attitude or treatment of said people.

Outward racism is (same source) yelling out "BLOODY CHINK ! ! !" as you drive by a any person of asian appearance.

You can't control your thoughts, especially since your understanding of the world around you is a product of inputs such as TV and the media, as well as the inherent racism in the culture you grew up in.

This sort of inherent racism is what makes it easy for some people to take part in incredible massacres, because as children we are indocrinated with all sorts of beliefs.

Examples: The Nazi youth who killed all those jews did not think of them as human but as vermin, so it was easy to justify attempting to wipe them out.

The Srebreniza massacre, 80000 civilians killed in an organised campaign over 4 weeks by serb soldiers. The constant telling and retelling of the history of how the serbs were killed and raped by ottomans made it perfectly acceptable to pack halls with unarmed civilians with kill them by the hundreds.

The massacres and enslavement by European colonialists to the indiginous peoples of Asia, Australia, Africa, South and North America and the Middle East came also as very easy because they believed they were superior species of humans. and that the natural order of things is for non europeans to serve europeans.

I digress.

The issue of arabs and indians is a very sensitive one, arabs feel they are superior to indians, why ?

a- because they smell funny ?
b- becuase they are not majority muslim ?
c- because indians were brought to arab countries as servants by the british ?
d- other

I have no idea, but when I speak to most arabs, they have a consensus on the sterotypical indian in his look and his walk and his talk and his ethical conduct etc... While the fact is that there are 1.3 billion indians of numerous languages and cultures and relegions and socio-economic backgrounds, but why let the truth get in the way of a good yarn ?

I personally have many friends who are indians and who I repsect and hold in high regard, so when my arab friends talk badly about them, I'm almost always defending.

I say almost, because sometimes it's funny to make fun of indian accents.

A have a friend, a very good freind (who shall remain nameless) who says this all the time

"الهنود ما يفيدهم الا الكفخة" which roughly translates to "Indians are only good for slapping around, or, indians will only work if you slap them"

So as much as I love my friend I always get into debates with him about this, what the hell are you on about ? you're telling me ALL indians are like this ? what if it's like, the one guy who happened to be indian is like this and the rest are normal people ?
You're too bloody ideal Nasser, I worked in Dubai, if you want to see real indians go there and see them. in their hundreds and thousands, If you respect them they are rude to you, if you slap them or yell at them, they'll do what you want.

You're just being an idiot, you're telling me that they are genetically predisposed to being insulted ? what you're saying makes no sense, I have many muslim friends and they're the most respecable people I know !

Listen, you go to Dubai and you'll know what I'm talking about, you're talking about Sceince and genetics and all that, but this has nothing to do with it.

End of debate

And subhanallah, life just happens to place me in this little patch of desert and oil. The United Arab Emirates.
And I've dealt with indians.
Infact most of the people I've dealt with have been indians, because as you may not know, people from the indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Indian, Bengaladesh, Sri Lanka) make up a majority of this country, and given the nature of my work I do meet and speak to alot of them.

Many of the indians I speak with are ofcourse nice respectfull people who don't jump queues, who understand and apprecait personal space and hygine, who ask a question once and are satisfied with the answer etc...

But not all.

Infact, and sadly, these people are a small percentage.

MOST of the indians I deal with are rude, they have no concept of a system, of organisation. They (for lack of a more appropriate term) piss me the hell off ! They tend to be rude-not because they mean to, they probably never had to use manners where they came from- They tend to smell horrendously bad, like I'd be talking to them and breath from my mouth at the same time. They are just worst customer, other than the local with his head up his ass.

So, I guess in a sence my freind is right, the slap is veyr usefull at times.

But does that make me racist ? I don't think so, because I don't summarily dislike all indians, I just understand that from a third world country of 1.3 billion people , there are bound to be alot of poor ignorant people, and it just happens that the UAE needs alot of poor ignorant people to work to death to achieve its vision of whateverthefuckitis.

If you want to accuse me of anything, call me third worlist, but I am no racist.

Disclaimer: Please forgive me if I inadvertently insulted you, that was not my aim, I only wanted to be honest.

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bratarmy29 said...

i found this post very entertaining and interesting. i'm not going to disclose any of my views on racism here, but just wanted to say i'm glad i found this blog and look forward to reading more