Thursday, May 29, 2008

The debate II

The followup from Debate post

This is the first message sparking the debate:

I found your profile from your boycott Denmark piece. I would be interested in discussing this topic with you.

First off let me explain that I am an ex American who left the states for Europe because I could no longer tolerate the fact that my taxes were going towards the international war of terrorism, I never did support and never will support American policy, not at home and certainly not abroad. I protested the war in Iraq before it began and still continue to do so today. I protested it not because of my religious stance but because it was wrong. They were wrong to even be bombing Afghanistan. I believe that 911 was allowed to happen so that the worlds rightwing Christians and Jews could begin an international war against freedom , against life, against the poor people, against small farms, against tribal people, against nature. They want to build walls and put up gun towers and fences, checkpoints and borders. They want to reallocate all the worlds’ taxes and riches and wealth and put them to use building prisons and death camps. They want to do this because THEY are the rich and powerful, they are the bloated, they are the pigs who need a war machine to keep their power, a factory, a sweatshop, a world full of slaves. They want to control ALL of the world’s resources.

Now lets discuss this THEY that I am referring to, it is not a religion, or a nation, not a race or a people, not an ideal or a single definable body, it is power. POWER, it is the people who have the power at the moment, the so called leaders who will always kill for it and fight to maintain it. They use all of the above mentioned... religion, nationalism, race, class, they use everything at their disposal to win OUR allegiance, they use pop culture, they use psychology, high level marketing and mind control schemes, they use consultants and professionals of all kinds, from the clones on the battle field to the fat bloats in the highest towers.

The nature of power is what should be examined here now in the HERE AND NOW, the nature of power is all consuming, the nature of power is inherently flawed. We live in times of WAR there is no peace only apathy, slavery and exploitation. The quest for power over nature, power over animals, and then power over people has always been and always will be - from the kings to the prophets to the television - the root of all of humanities problems.

When a person buys into their system they become no more than a cog. Fighting one another is not the solution. They keep us divided so that we don't unite and wake each other up from our dogmatic slumber. Arguing over cartoons is not going to stop the multi billion dollar war industry my friend. I understand that drawing a picture of your prophet is an offensive thing. But like you probably know, cultures are different around the world.

Islam is not making friends by attempting to undermine freedom of speech, censorship is the tool of the systems a vast majority of us oppose. I won’t go into debating religious dogma with you because I don't buy into it, I would like to think that I am not a follower of any mans concoctions. I guess you could call me an atheist in a sense, I believe in nature, but that’s beside the point. My point here in this letter to you is that I want to explain that in your struggle to push Islam’s laws upon the world, you have contributed in making my tolerance for Islam fade with a quickness.

When I came to Europe almost three years ago I was completely against America and the right wingers in Europe, I was completely in support of asylum seekers, right down to the point that I convinced my wife to vote for a party that stood behind them. I was very sympathetic of the poor folks in Palestine and Iraq, in Afghanistan, I even signed some petitions to keep a few people from getting deported. But that all started to change when you bastards started talking about killing Lars Vilks, and then came the planned assassinations of Kurt Westergaard, and then I started reading about all the people who have indeed been murdered by Islam’s sloppy assassins such as Theo Van Gogh just to name one. and the honor murders of which my wife came only hours from almost being a witness to one, when some freak killed his sister cuz she fell in love. And then came the death threats on Gert Wilders which made me want to watch the movie so I did and could not help but to agree with every fucking thing the man is trying to say.

so congrats, your protests against Denmark has just made everything legitimate that you had to say about liberating your sheep I mean people irrelevant, and in doing so have helped to further the support for your blood enemies.

Cheers enjoy your holy war now while it lasts, people are going to wake up someday.

My reply to come soon, watch this space

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