Thursday, November 30, 2006

Filim: part two

I got off the airplane and ran to the closest toilet, which I progressed to furnish with my breakfast from this morning. This was probably the most turbuent flight I've ever been on, and it wasn't bad weather either.

Walking out of the toilet I still felt shaky and sick, which was obvious because I could hear the chuckles of the other passengers around me in this broken down building I could only guess is the airport lounge. The green (maybe 20 years ago they were green)plastic seats were moldy and broken, the walls were splattered with bulet holes and oddly enough what looked like coffee stains.

"the pilot flies like this to avoid the rebel zones". I turn around following the deep cracked accented voice, an over tanned middle-aged over-weight man sits with hands clasped behind his head. 
His classic monsterous mustache tells me he's a local, his taxi driver clothes eminate stench and dust, probably from hours of driving back and fro to the airport.

"Well why doesn't he fly high ?"

"The Americans will think he's flying a syrian plane and shoot him down". I have to get used to this accent if I'm going to stay in Iraq for the next few months, So they pronouce it Amreecan, Soorian etc... well at least i can make out the words.

"They don't use radio ?"
"The Amreecans are too excited shooters, they don't use radio alot", he probably meant trigger happy, so I'll have to stick with the western clothing to stay safe.

"I'm trying to go to baghdad, will you take me ?" He looks me up and down for maybe the forth time, "baghdad is far away, it will cost you hundred amreecan doollars", Whoa ! that's expensive, I try to keep a straight face while counting my money in my head, I thought it was gonna be cheap living here, I spent half the money on the trip down here and the camera.

Mr Taxi driver laughs and calls me over "I'm joaking ya silly english, 20 amreecan dollars is enough", he laughs more when he sees the look of relief on my face. He holds his hands out to me "My name is AbdulGabbar"

I shake his dry sandpapered hand "My name is Sam, I'm Australian, I'm making a film here"

" A filim ? You will find lots of action here ya Sam, Welcome to Iraq"

To be continued

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