Monday, October 09, 2006

RE: The gift

I hope you're not expecting a fully insightful look into this story, remember that I'm just starting and testing out different things, some things may just be there for no good reason, things like the ending or the underlying message might not be very developed, but hey, it's free fiction. stop complainig.

Here are the names of the differnet gangsters and what they mean.

Our hero, or anti hero: Ammo Sami, or Abu Sami. translated to english it's "uncle sam", and we all know who that is.

Abu Hizb "the oldest most respected gangster in Baghdad": Hizb means party (political), this dude represented the old regime, the Baath Socialist Party, basically Saddam Hussien

Abu Naji Is the odl british colonial, Abu Naji is what the iraqis used to call the British representative, because his son was caled Nigel, arabised into Naji, so he's Abu Naji, or Nigel's Dad.

"Ibn Abeeh" literally means 'son of his father' denoting his lineage- he's a bastard half bred criminal, this guy represents all the seedy elements in iraq that have begun operating in the city after the fall of the old regime and the installation of the new bullshit regime.

Finally, the dreamers, are ofcourse the muslims, I called them that so the reader wouldn't know who I was talking about, and also to explain everyone's opinion of the muslim, as having a romantic notion that God is on his side, while taking all the insults and baring it.

The name Tahir means purity or cleanliness, my sister helped me to choose it coz I didn't know what name would best fit the character.

Other than that meaning it has no other cultural or historical connotations.

I dont' know what else to explain. I hope the meanings of the names make it easier to understand, any questions ?

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ALooKa said...

Hmmmm....i dunno, it still didnt change my opinion abt the ending. Maybe you should try and make another one up?