Monday, September 25, 2006

Ramadan 06

Alsalamu alaikum

I can remember the first time I fasted in outside of Iraq, I remember it well because in Iraq we used to break fast at 5:30 pm or so, but in New Zealand we break break fast at 8:30pm, we all freaked out in the begining because it seemed crazy ! but eventually we got used to it.

I also remember a few months ago I was having a problem with something, which was really worrying me and taking its toll on me, I was sitting with my brother in law and he asked how I was doing, so I gave a "I could be better" face, and said "alhumdulilah", and that's when he asked me the question:

"When is Ramadan coming?"

Alhumduillah that I was able to grasp what he was trying to tell me, in the time of the prophet pbuh, the sahabah used to look forward to every Ramadan, so that thier lives revolved around it. The month of Fasting and prayer, when the devil is locked up in chains and the muslims are left to do Good, to help thier brothers and read Quran and feel for the hunger of the world, and to purify thier hearts and thier tongues.

My brother in law was telling me that I have my prioroties jumbled.

And now Alhumduillah Ramadan is here, my new year's resolution is to read the Quran and inshallah I'll do that.

Tonight i want to the mosque close to my house (Quite fortunate coz I live in a non muslim country), and prayer Isha and Taraweeh there, it was a very nice feeling, and I'm so happy I didn't eat alot or otherwise my stomach would have groaned.

After the taraweeh finished, a reciter came and was introduced as the official Quran reciter for one of Egypt's radio stations. Maaaan ! it's one thing thing to listen to Tarteel on mp3 or tape, and it's a whole other jar of cookies to listen to the dude when he's 2 meters infront of you, it was a humbling experience to hear the words of God pronounced so clearly and beautifuly right in front of me.

Inshallah I'll be able to read the whole Quran, it's not that hard, but it's not that easy either, I just have to keep my eye on the ball.

anyways, off to uni.

Ramadan Kareem




wahdamuslimah said...

thanks for the reminder

and nicely written...

you should write like this more often

kelowchee said...

Your FAT! :D:D hahahahaaa..........HAAHAAAA....