Friday, September 08, 2006

Filim: part one

"Sami ? are you really going to Iraq ?"

I struggled to open my eyes, the bright light of the morning sun overwhelming my senses, for a brief second I hate my little brother for opening the door and letting all this light in. "leave me alooooone ! ! !"

Which somehow Alan understood as "come jump on my bed", which he proceeded to do with vigour, knowing him, I knew he was not going to give me my saturday morning sleep, no mater what.

"Ok ok I'll tell you if you stop killing my bed" This thankfully got him to stop and stare at me like an attentive ferret.
"I am going, but don't tell Mum and Dad yet, they won't let me go if they find out"
"So what ? you just gonna go without telling them?"

The thought had crossed my mind "Well I'll just tell them I'm going on an extracurricular assignment" they'll believe me hopefully, I've been trust worthy so far, and this is something I think warrants such a white lie.

I first decided to visit Iraq back 6 months ago, when I watched a doco about it, a guy went there with a camera and an interpreter and made an award winning 40 minute show, I saw the show and I knew I could do better.

Ok, so I don't have directing experience, and I'm only 17, and I have no knowledge of travelling to the Middle East, and I don't even have a professional camera !

I do however have arabic ancestry -my parents left Iraq 25 years ago-, and I do look a bit arabic, maybe not tan enough, but my parents say I do look arab enough.

Are the iraqi chicks hot ? maybe I'll hookup with a girl while I'm there, hopefully they're not taliban style, well I could always hookup with a US girl solider, I like the way they talk, hopefully they'll understand my ozzie twang.

Everytime I think about it I get so excited, I can't believe I'm actualy doing it, going back home.

So I'm going to buy a ticket, grab my handycam, and try to document life in the new Iraq, from the news it seems to be getting better. . .

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aakil al ba66eekh said...

Ahlan Ahlan, Selaamu 3alaikumm..Yes very nice intro..Why u no finish this one?? Blease finsh it soonly..I is always waiting to hear it the end of the story. But u never make it end this one?? Why like this?? Blease finish. Love the intro..very leading, jsut wanna know what happens next..U do it to me all the time.!!yAllah khallisnaaa...shukran shukran...