Tuesday, October 25, 2005

When the israeli art seller knocked at my Door

Alsalamu alaikum

I was on the internet chatting to... someone, and the doorbell rang and was answered by my sister...

Then my younger sister comes to my room and she's like, there is a guy selling paintings and Amasy is talking to him, you better go downstairs see who this guys is.

I don't know why, but I had a flashback of reading something about Israeli spys posing as art students. So I go downstairs to see the guy, AND HE LOOKS ISRAELI ! ! ! so I get closer to the door and hear him talking IN AN ISRAELI ACCENT ! ! !

At this point I start freakin out, do I have an israeli spy at my door ? is he even Isreali ? so I ask him "are you israeli ?" (something which my sister thought was a bit too abrupt, not saying hi ot nothing)


So yeah, he was showing us some paintings of his, and giving us "wildly inflated prices" of $120.

So yeah, I said thanks, not interested, please spy somewhere else (I didn't say that), and he was gone.

Now it seems that these guys actually exist !, or sort of anyways coz nothing gets proven. What if this guy was part of this spy ring ? or is he maybe an actual art student trying to live off his art to live with his lover in a rundown apartement building somewhere in North Melbourne ? what does it matter ? We're not art people anyway.



kacha kola said...

Salams bro, wud u mind if i link u to my blog?

Anonymous said...

Alsalamu Alaikm bro's and sis's :),
Firstly, I never write "israel" without the ("..") because it is "israel" is an illegal and we should not and do not recognise it. If we say "I"srael, that means we do. They occupied palastine and terrorised x 1000 000 its people out of it, and still do....and on and on and on..But never the less, was another lovely post. I don't think for some reason the art guy was a spy. Don't know why I have this feeling, but Im pretty sure he surved in the "israeli" military at some point.
Finally THANK YOU :D:D:D