Monday, October 24, 2005

The gift II

In the hot sun I was driving fast, the leather seats were scorching hot in the stifling hot air that made my eyes ache in their sockets, but I didn’t open the window or turn on the air-con, I was angry and I wanted to be angrier by the time I reached my destination. I saw blood and I wanted blood, no one messes with Abu Sami.

My first stop was Abu Hizb, the oldest most respected gangster in Baghdad, this guy’s been around for as long as I can remember, with connections and controls all over. He was the killer, the drug runner, the pimp, if there was something illegal or bloody, he had his hands in it.
That was Abu Hizib then, he’s an old man now, though his posse still ruled the land he was decaying slowly and everybody knew it, and they showed it in little ways, little signs of disrespect have been springing up everywhere around, he would have needed to prove himself to survive for the next 30 years, or even 5.
If he thought he could mess with me, he’ll be dead tonight.

Abu Hizb’s mansion is across the river, the primest most expensive land in all of Baghdad, all these years of profiting from crime has treated him quite well. One thing about his mansion was that you couldn’t enter without his say so, his guards were posted everywhere. One thing about me though, is that I know my town, and this old man won’t have me for a toy.

My Jeep driving slowly up the driveway so as not to raise any suspicions from his sentries suddenly roared into life, picking up speed as it raced to the large metal gates, which were designed to withstand potential car collisions but never really tested for such.

With a huge CRASH ! I was inside, the only damage was my Jeep’s fallen bumper, the three guards were dozing under the trees in the small garden outside the mansion, by the time they woke up and realized what was happening, they were lying down again with their blood washing their sins.

I went up to them, picked up two of their guns, and walked up to the front gate, I looked at it long and hard, I was losing my sanity little by little, now standing in front of this thick wooden gate something ticked in my head, I remember roaring with a sound so deep I didn’t know I had, and blasting my way in.

I was out 20 minutes later, a lot calmer now; I could feel the blood on my hands and face cooling me down, flashes of what happened inside made me warm inside, hungry for more; Abu Hizb is dead, so are his sons, wife, mistress, daughter, servant, dog, and two bodyguards.

My hands were aching, I should have hit his wife with a brick or something rather than break her windpipe with my hands, this was admittedly more fun however, I feel a lot better now.

With calm hands I reload my Gun, get in my car, and drive out slowly.

One dead, two to go…