Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Alchemy of Truth: chilling with Mission of Hope's Maha Najjarine

Mission of Hope is one of those Organizations that remind me of the word Da'uub دؤوب, which roughly translates the state of working hard and persevering through the hurdles. Throughout the controversies, the riots and the debates on rights and responsibilities, those guys kept their heads down and the worked to develop the Muslim community, their initiatives and projects aim to strike the heart of the problems and the issues facing the Muslim community. I ask Allah swt to reward them for their work and their intentions.

Maha Najjarine is of those tireless individuals whose list of volunteering roles and achievements is longer than my arm. She joins us to discuss the follow up the Villawood detention center's Ramadan Iftar program.

She also tells of the 2012 AMAA (Australia Muslim Achievement Awards) and the nominations closing on the 15th of October.

This show was broadcast live from Mado's restaurant in Auburn. The whole show was fun and massively chaotic, but alhumdulillah we managed a podcast out of it.

Or you can download the podcast here

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