Sunday, April 29, 2012

Alchemy of Truth: Exploring why (and IF) They (Arab men) Hate Us (Arab Women)

A little less than two weeks ago, writer, journalist and commentator Mona Altahhawi wrote an article in Foreign Policy titled "Why Do they Hate Us". In it she argues the need for Arab women to fight the systematic social, political and religoius misogyny they are living with in the Middle East. Understandabley there was an explosion all over the internet, blogs commended and condemned her, tweets retweeted and facebookers liked and shared love and hate sentiments about her. Is her version of the status and plight of women in the Middle East accurate ? This is what we discuss in this show. 

Our guests were; world renowned journalist and commentator Dima Khatib (we called her in Caracas Vanezuela, she was asleep !) and from Sydney University, Lecturer in Islamic and Arabic Studies  Lucia Sorbrera. 

We should note that Dima also wrote an excellent article in reply to Mona's article. You can find it here 

This is the official start of our new host Annarose Zayied (of the Casula Zayeds).

Please note: we are always looking to improve the show and present a properly researched well balanced argument. We always appreciate your feedback. Comment and let us know your thoughts.

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silent loyal wife said...

i like how this is accompanied by a add featuring 5 females...

Nasser Alkhateeb said...

Lol, unfortunately I have no control over the content of the ads.