Saturday, November 12, 2011

Burmese military's campaign and terror

What did you do when you woke this morning ? probably had breakfast, enjoyed the day, hung out with friends/family  etc...

In the Burmese Arkan state, the men and killed and the women are raped on a daily basis. R

Sayed Kasem is  a dear friend of mine who is a Burmese Muslim. He comes from a place in Burma called Arkan. He had to escape death and torture from his home town, he was in limbo for more than 10 years with his wife and kids until he was finally able to come to Australia.

I don't usually publish media releases (or whatever this is) but Sayed requested it so here it is.


BURMESE MILITARY CONTINUOUSLY RAPING AND KILLING THE ROHINGYA, By Sayed Kasim, contact no:             04-6930-3342    

Recently, on 1-11-2011 at 3:30 pm three Military (nasaka) entered to 2 Rohingya families, in Serakparang Village, Rathidaung township, Arakan state Burma, raped 2 women, shot death 1, brush fire a round 30 people and arrested more than 40 people, who are being tortured at Anguma custudy, while almost the entire male population have gone into hiding, leaving all the females.

The military routinely raping women, seizing the village for last 2 weeks. Injured people die with the lack of medication, the rest are starving, there is no information on those arrested

My 16 years old cousin was brutally injured in the head and taken into Anguma custudy, my elder niece husband 26 years old was killed, my 23 years old sister in law was inhumanly kicked on forehead and victimized, robbed of all her belongings.


Curently hiding people are hungry, feeling sick dying in the jungle. No one dares to return home to see family members. When the Military finds anyone, they arrest and brutally torture them.

Military are robbing, raping, torturing and commiting crimes against Rohingya villagers. I confirm this thorough information from the most reliable source who managed to scape from danger. Victims are appealing to the world to save their lives.


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