Sunday, July 31, 2011

Podcast: Khawater's Ahmad Alshuqairi Interview

It's not often that one is impressed with an arabic television program.

I know this may be harsh, but sadly it's painfully true. The content is quite often lacking, and tries often to rely on telenovella tricks to grab attention. Often times there is overuse of sexuality in innuendo and suggestion (because Arabic Television is hypocritically conservative) or the overuse of screaming to instigate excitement.
Other programs famous in Jordan and the Gulf are those depressingly basic storylines about death, treachery and battles over inheritance. In the end it's difficult to find a good show. A show you want to watch but won't feel guilty about watching.

Khawater is such a brilliant success of a show. Based -of all places- in Saudi Arabia. It delves into real issues of weakness prevalent all over the Arab world. Though the way it chooses to illustrate these issues is not so much confrontational as it is a way of making us laugh at ourselves while learning.

There is a lot to be said about this show and its founder, Ahmad Alshuqairi. Though I'll suffice by giving this link to some of his shows  and of course a streaming podcast of the interview I had with him last week ( 28th July 2011). Enjoy

(you can download the podcast here if you don't like streaming)

For those living outside of the Arab World (like me) here is a link to the first episode of the 7th season of Khawater. 
If you follow the group you will be able to watch the rest inshallah.

ALSO I found this youtube video of the same first episode



m.ajinah said...

Mr. Abdul Nasser, this was lovely.. I am one of the biggest fans of this guy.. and now a fan of yours as well.. I didnt know you had a radio program in Sydney.. Nice.. Best of luck Nasser and may allah protect you and guide you and use you in helping the muslim community in Australia.. Kol 3am w antom bekheir btw..

Ahmad al shugairy is a great guy mashalla 3aleeh.. him and his father are a great family.. makes me a proud palestinian.. (as they are palestinian by origin;) actually a month ago i was trying to meet him in Saudi when i visited Jeddah.. But i wasnt lucky enough.. anyway brother.. great show and i will try to follow your podcast often.. may allah be with you..

Muhanad Ajinah

Najla said...

Thankyou so much for sharing. Ahmed akshuqairi is amazing mashallah.

Good luck to you bro Nasser, great blog too keep it up