Friday, April 09, 2010

This world is full of evil

I don't write as much as I should.

I real a lot, well these days I don't read as much as I should either, in previous times I used to read 3 books a month. These days I watch a lot of TV junk and sometimes commercial documentaries.

Still, whenever I read and whatever I read about tells me there is so much oppression in the world today, against minorities ( in this case minorities means all non white people everywhere), against women, against Islam and Muslims, it just seems the world is run either by bigoted selfish leaders or is run by pure capitalists where profit is the only motive, which in turn makes this a pretty bleak world for 98% of its inhabitants.

Countries like Palestine being absolutely ravaged by ferocious war machines while the whole world wants to know what Angelina Jolie is wearing for the Emmys. Frustrating celebrations of blatant lies such as democracy in Iraq or better lives for women in Afghanistan. Millions of deaths in subcontinental India, Subsaharan Africa etc... and so called charity organizations are making millions of their suffering while effectively giving them very little due to weak regulations and the fact that no one really gives a f$#k about a bunch of hungry curries or niggers (excuse the french).

Poetically impressive naming conversions such as THE WAR ON DRUGS, THE WAR ON TERROR, THE WAR ON POVERTY is in fact a new name for an old game called THE WAR TO RULE THE WORLD AND MAKE THE REST OF WORLD DIE WORKING FOR YOU WHILE YOU DIE OF MORBID OBESITY. I know it's a long name but hey, evil isn't pretty.

In Australia Obesity is a bigger killer than smoking ! 1 in 5 Australians has WAY to much to eat while across the water in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, people die by the thousands of every day. Now tell me, does this make sense to you ? Like, you're a fat man and your neighbour dies every day and you don' help him ? No no no you do help him, by having a concert "to raise money".

And what really takes the cake for Australians is that bloody boat people debate. Tamils are getting killed and jailed and raped and generally F@$ked up the a$$, so they run away to Indonesia (no a UN signatory of the refugee conversion) and so they have little option but to try and make it across to Australia driven by criminals on shoddy boats over shark infested waters just to reach safety out of their hell. They reach Australian waters after all that and ....

they get put in hot as hell island prisons for years because ... why ? politics of fear, that's why.

As a muslim, I believe that one day I will die, and then I'm gonna be asked by God what I did on earth when this evil was taking place.

Question: Nasser, shit happened, what did you do for it ?
Me: Well, most of the time I was watching Avatar, and then I went to a islamic lecture, and we went out for Pizza afterwords.
Question: and did that help anyone ?
Me: Well I felt better afterwords ! and I gave $5 for the Haiti emergency appeal ?

Seriously, is this as f#&ked an answer as it sounds to me ? Are we really so petty that we've forgotten the obsoleteness of world and of the suffering around us ?

Anyways, I'm going to Christmas Island for a month, I don't expect I'll make any tangible difference but at least seeing this suffering of people may move me into doing something actually worth answering the God questions. like screaming at rallys or spamming politicians.

Quesion: shit happened, what did you do ?

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what do you do??