Saturday, January 02, 2010


Every year that passes, I ask myself what I achieved, I remember there were some pretty sad years because of how little I could list, recently alhumdulillah things have been better, got a degree, got a job, got married, learned to be an amature photographer. all khair.

so what about 2009 ?

Highlight ?

1- I fired an employee for the first time, such a rush
2- Left UAE and returned to my beautiful Oz with the family.
3- Got my new camera, Canon 7D, my second wife.

Lowlight ? (I know it's not called lowlight but the only way I can blog is by doing quickly)

1- Quit my job : (

that's it.

Crazy adventures ?

1- had a number of dental emergencies, some of which required a trip to hospital emergency. That was fun.

2- Went to Bahrain.

3- Went to 12 Apostles.

4- Had a full on showdown with a racist guy who called my sister a terrorist in the middle of a shopping center.

Yep, a crazy interesting year. and now it's over, the first decade and all. alhumdulillah no one died and no one got hurt, and now i have Two nieces, i mean i had them before but i wasn't around to see them. and now I can.

So what now ? well it's 1am on Sunday the 3rd October, and i'm sitting here watching ep. 4 season 1 of "The wire", thinking and worrying and stressing about finding myself a job, so i can get myself a house, so i can start on stocking my kitchen and my bookshelf.

I bought a nice new diary today, should be the beginning of a good year inshallah.

good luck with yours


Ninnevah said...

dont you mean december?

Omar lahham said...

sounds like an interesting year you had bro,

am interested to know more about the racist guy :D

and i think u meant 3rd of January not October :)

iraqiguy said...

Thanks Omar, I did mean January.

Also, for more info about the racist guy incident, I draw your attention to