Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boycott Danish, eat bagels.

I'm sick and my tummy hurts coz I havn't had breakfast yet and it's 1pm, but I digress...

Growing up among two distincly different cultures gives a person the most amazing insight into both cultures, IF that person knows where to look.

Ofcoures you get some disadvantages, hardships, it may even make it worthless having this experience and insight.

One recurring experience many people of my breed always cite is not quite feeling "at home" anywhere. In my case it's Australia and everywhere else. I love Melbourne and I've very happy and comfortable living in it, but it doesn't feel like home, where ever I go I'm always asked where I'm "originally" from. Well I was born in Iraq but I havn't been there since 94. and if I GO to iraq, I would be asked wher I came from, and that's another cup of crap because alot of arabs and iraqis who haven't been able to travel or live overseas hate your guts, and they mostly convey that distaste for your kind by putting you down all the time, you could be a frickin arabic scholar but they'll still make fun of your bad arabic, you would be wearing normal jeans and a polo shirt and they'd be like, ooh look at what the austorali is wearing. this hasn't happened to me but you knwo what I mean.

I must also note that not all people are like that, there are very nice people who respect and honour you genuniely, but usually the bad experiences trump the good ones.

But I digress...

NOTE I wrote this a while ago and left it, now I want to publish it but I've lost my train of thought, so I'll just leave it unfinished

In the case of the danish newspaper cartoon offenseive Mohammad (pbuh) etc... issue. I sometimes get the feeling of having one eye on the arab or muslim camp, and another eye on the western camp. and since I'm one person, all I can do is look, and blog.

The arabs on one side have mixed feelinsg about the west, they look up to and imitate the west in music and cars and expressions and if you go the gulf countries and some middle east countries as well you would find all sorts of Western university campuses. A lady I know graduated from a "perston university" where she had her degree signed by Condeleeza Rice ! ! ! (That lady is not a spy btw).
However, arabs have a deep distrust of the west as crusaders, mainly because of the iraq war and probably alot of it has to do with left over feelings from the colonisations years. Coupled with a mob mentality and complete lack of real understanding of how people in the west think, any little action is seen as a predetermined insult on islam.

Most of these people are not very relegious at all, which makes it even worse because theír reactions to "protect the honour of islam" is usually very islamic, like burning shit and killing nuns etc... thier idea of dealing with the problem seems to be maximum violence to scare the west into submission.

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