Sunday, June 11, 2006

Exam procrastination

Alsalamu alaikum

What does a person do when studying for exams ? (not study). That's right ! he/she procrastinate.

The Nasser's International Dictionary defines the word procrastinate as "wasting time like by sitting on your ass and doing nothing, when you have an important deadline and/or test

So I'm "taking a break" now, I'm playing online chess and updating my blog, and listening to live recordings of the taraweeh in Mecca.

So what do I wanna talk about ?

Israel wants to pull Hamas into all out war again, Israel wants to justify assasinating Hamas officials again, under the not-so-watchful eye of the UN.

So they kill 7 people, fire a rocket at the only place they know does not have "terrorists" in it -a family beach- and kill and maime many civilians.

World: What did you do this Israel ?

Israel: Oh sorry, it was a mistake, we'll investigate and come back to you.

World: Well if it was a mistake, never mind then. we all make mistakes,right ?

And so it goes, when Hamas continues into the offensive, it looks to be the agressor because Israel killed people unprovoked only by mistake.

Sad wallah, and the cycle of violence continues


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