Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Alsalamu alaikum

I havn't been posting anything in my sad excuse for a blog for a while now, taht's because the two and a half months or so I was carried on a rambuctius awesome whirlwind that swept me across three continents, two marital status, three family ties and and some finger licking book shopping.

Ok, let's start chronologically.

I travelled to Dubai in the United arab Emirates, A beautifull country of mystique and finess, of poverty and lavishness, a country of extreme contradictions. It was quite an experience to live there and witness this thriving hub of culture, buesiness and politics.

Witnessing Dubai wasn' what I came here to do though, I was on a not-so-secret mission to meet my potential bride, I know putting it this way makes it sound so last century, but this was my primary motivation for coming down here, a girl (who for anonymity's sake I shall call "cousin") who I (my dad) has asked her (her dad) for her hand in God knows what, marriage idealy but since we still did not know each other, we didn't know how it work out.

The girl -I was told- was a nice girl, conservative, intelligent, relegiously inclined, studies medicine (LAK TABEEBA !) etc... etc... which was all well and good, but are we going to get along ? what if she likes onions ? what if I like tuna with eggs and milk and she loathes it ? what if she's shia and I'm sunni (small chance, and that whole sunna shia thing is another story).

Luckily and fortunately and Alhumdulillahly our collective parents saw it as a good idea to let us chat so that we may know each other. So when I had arrive to the sadny shores of Dubai I had my mind made up 99.99%.

Alhumdulillah, Alhumdulillah, Alhumdulillah, I feel very fortunate to have been blessed with such a family, The mum I absolutely love, such a sweet woman with such well versed knowledge of Islam, an absolute role model to the modern western muslim woman.

The dad is also a gem, an absolute gem, to have taken me in to the family like he has, and treat me like his son, and trust me to take care of his daughter, and to have done so many ofthe genuine nice things that he's done, have just left me flabbergasted, gasping for air, speechless ! Alhumdulillah. So many times I've tried to thank them, to convey my appreciation, and it just came out as "thank you, murmurmurmur, thanks, murmur", not very eloquent.

And the daughter, thier daughter, my wife now, my friend, my crush, my love, alhumdulillah a thousand million billion trillion kagillion times, I really cdont' want to say anymore coz I want to keep her a secret from everyone, why should you know about my wife ? and what the hell are you looking at ?

anyways, Once the family was satisfied that we (me and my wife) in our full mental capacity have decided to give our individual freedoms and get married, the maddness started; an apartment that housed 4 people usually now hosted 10 people ! the great Guardian mothers took us on little adventures to aquire exotic treasures from far away lands (Dowry, dress, suit, engagment invitations etc...). The Great King Dads went looking for the hall of halls (guess). And me and my bride to be running around, pawns for a bigger game, toys for an older crowd, butterflies of love that spread happiness to all touched by us. And we ate lots of KFC.

The Engagment came, and passed,alhumdulillah it was a sucess, alot of food was eaten, I got to play with a sword (I had to cut the cake). and no one died.

I'm too tired to write any more, so I'll just finish quickly here.

I've been home for about a week now, I miss my wife, I'm happy though that she's my wife, my uni stuff is all up to scratch, all I need to do is pray on time.





The Angel on Nasser's right shoulder said...

I was waiting for you to come to that last conclusion you made. The guy on your left is beating me and I don't like it.

Scholar from Oxford said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
Indeed a fine piece of prose if I say so myself.
Yet I aver that I have an issue with words that exist not.
'Rambuctius' you see comes from no where and is a word looking for a meaning.
If you wish to coin a phrase then you may only do so in a piece of fiction or if you are a scientist.

Though I somehow believe that you wished to use the word 'rambunctious'.

Nasser I have once piece of advice: buy a good Oxford dictionary.


dreamer said...

i really like your blog.
i am really happy that you will be getting married.
i hope you live in peace and happiness and free from conflict

Shiekh Ali al-Najafi said...

Ya ghulam,

Take the example of IMAM ALI and his marrige to FATIMA AL-ZAHRA as a model.

I hope you have many litte Hassans and Hussayns. I hope they becoem great AYOTOLLAHS and MULLAHS.

I knew you great grand father ALKHATEEB. He was a good man. I asked him to name his son tholfiqar but he refused.

Shiekh Ali al-Najafi

bloke! said...

oi, you islams have some strange customs

whats all the fuss about! just get married at the church for crying out loud!


Scholar from Cambridge said...

Scholar from Oxford,

Please proofread your message before posting. You have a typographical error: 'once' instead of 'one' in your last sentance.

My dear friend, I do recommend that you buy:
'Copy-Editing : The Cambridge Handbook for Editors, Authors and Publishers'.

Oh! Nice blog by the way.


Sthegyuft said...

No, my name is not supposed to read anything- its just a bunch of random letters.

Congratulations Nasser!

And InshaAllah, all the best for a happy married life.

Considering the possibilty that your mother-in-law or father-in-law even may happen to come across your blog, you cannot indeed criticize openly. It is quite obvious and understandable.

Goodluck at pleasing them.


Rstylkopaw said...

Yes it is me again, with the random letters.

Just incase misunderstanding may arise, forgive me in advance. My comment above was meant to be a joke. Nothing more.

Also, do forgive me for I have made some errors in my comment above. I am usually very particular about them.

wahdamuslimah said...

oh yeah my mum does read this so Nasser Beware!!

just kidding...hehe:)