Thursday, September 01, 2005

Story: Nadia II

It's been 3 month since I started the year, the whole world is talking about the war, even though it ended a good couple of months ago, it still grabs media headlines, death counts, new facts and new players rising everyday.

This is all felt so parallel to my life, all I thought of these days was my final semester of studies, what jobs to find after I finish, and ofcourse, Nadia.

By all logic I shouldn't be so taken with her, she doesn't smile at me, at least not that sort of smile, she doesn't wear anything that would catch my attention, not that her clothing doesn't look damn stylish, and even her hijab (that's how you pronounce it), looks nice now, is it me ? am I changing ? why am I so like this ? and what do I call this feeling ?

I don't go out anymore, I have my friends and go to pubs and clubs every once in a while, but it's not the same, I don't feel right, and every time I go out I tell her about it the next time I see her, like I'm going to confession, why do I need her forgiveness ? my heart doesn't answer, it's become a quiet spectator these days, my heart.

we talk alot now, while the cambodians are giggling amongst themselves, she tells me of her family, of her relegion, I tried to subtly explain to her that she doens't have to be told what to wear in Australia, but she seems to genuinely want to wear it. And like i said, it's starting to grow on me.

She has alot of culture, even though she doesn't feel like a fob, she radiates richness of spirit and of culture. which is good in a way and bad in another.

I tried to ask her out once, she was shocked, she didn't expect it at all, I don't know why I said it, it just came out I still don't know what motivated me to say it then.

she said no, politely

We have about one month to the end of the year, and as much as I'm excited about Time Australia inviting me to talk about a job offer, I can't help this pang in the pit of my stomach, would I see Nadia again ?

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